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Happy New Year's Invitations & Resolutions!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We’ve said our official goodbye’s to 2021 and welcomed in a new year - 2022!Perhaps we’ve made New Year’s Resolutions; out with the old and in with the new! My resolutions include daily activity goals, losing the weight I put on during the pandemic, and completing some projects that have been on my radar for some time, including some decluttering.

My husband never makes New Year’s Resolutions. “Why make a resolution and then fail? If you want to do something, just do it,” is his mantra. It works well for him. When he’s ready to head into something new, he jumps in with both feet and doesn’t look back. The significant difference between us is that he rarely initiates change and so rarely ventures into the new, rarely declutters. I, on the other hand, love the dive, or at the least, a dip of my toe into new pools of experience and goal projection. If it doesn’t work out, I reason I can usually swim back - or keep one foot on the shore and chalk up the learning!

Unlike almost all other years, Larry & I did agree to one resolution: We signed up with the Bible Project’s “One Story that Leads to Jesus” Bible-in-a-Year Reading plan on the YouVersion. Because he’s in it with me, I am confidant that we will complete this project - his steadiness to my artistic nature (some would call me fickle) will keep us moving and enjoying ourselves along the way. One of the reasons we chose the plan - besides the fun, animated and deep devotional teaching that accompanies it - is it includes audio in almost any translation of the Bible we want! Whether snuggled in bed or on the elliptical, it is accessible. Not anxious to crowd should do activity life and feel burdened by it, this one is a desire that can fit for both of us.

This brings me to our invitation to you to join Hummingbird Circle. You may be wondering if you have time for another group, activity or project in your life? Are you like Larry, wanting to be 100% ready, having cleared your schedule and made it a priority before you can jump in, giving yourself no lifeline back to the shore? Or, like me, are you a toe dipper or shallow diver, who prefers a trial run before you venture too far into the deep end?

Whichever way you are wired, please know you are welcome here! If you want to follow us as time allows, please do so! If you want to join monthly meetings in-person or online, we’d love to have you! If you want to go really deep with us and take out a membership to access our Story and Immanuel Coaching, even pursue becoming a contributor, then consider making us one of your New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what is necessary:

  • A desire to foster community with other women.

  • A commitment to finding the golden threads and silver linings in your own life experience.

  • A willingness to work with those threads and linings until they become something you can pass on to others, regardless of how long or short the process takes.

If that’s you, then there’s a place for you here whenever you’re ready, at whatever speed and for as long as it fits! I would like to offer one word of challenge though: Producing an artistic legacy based on your life experiences may require letting go of some activities for a time in order to see completion. After all, one can only walk around with a glass full to the brim for so long without spilling it. I’ve been guilty of overcrowding my work, my house, and my family, and believe me, when the water starts to spill or I drop the glass, it’s not fun for anybody! So give it some thought, assess where your activity glass is at, and act accordingly! Here are some upcoming events to consider:

  • Sunday, January 23 - First Hummingbird Circle of 2022! Contact us if you are interested in joining in person or online!

  • Wednesday, January 26 Membership opens for Podcasts, Videos and Coaching

  • Friday - Sunday Feb. 4-6 Because You Matter in person and online seminar with Jodi Kozan and myself at Queen’s House in Saskatoon. You can access the brochure here:

This is a great place to dive into our vision (no further commitment required) for a short but intense, fun-filled weekend!

Happy New Year’s sisters! May it be fruitful and full of the Lord’s tangible Presence, and may you recover more silver linings and discover more golden threads to weave into your tapestry!

On behalf of all of us,


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