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Hummingbird Circle is a faith community of interdenominational, intergenerational and international women committed to building a good legacy for the people around them and those not yet born. It was based on the understanding that all of us have memories and experiences that could benefit others, especially those we hold close. Some of us may have the wingspan of an eagle, while others seem small in our own eyes. Regardless, we believe that like the fierce little hummingbird whose important work of pollination continues whether observed or unobserved, our lives matter. In the same way our departed ancestors and grandparents have had a direct impact on us, our lives effect both those here and now and in the future. 


One of the foundational Scriptures that HC is built on is from Revelation 5:11: They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.  We have come to recognize our testimonies as being so important to building our faith and the faith of others. HC is committed to building legacies through these testimonies, be they expressed in a journal, a song, a scrapbook, painting, or even a recorded dance. Like a woman filling her home with treasure, we want to leave enough treasure in our personal storehouses through the recorded testimonies from our lives, that our loved ones will be equipped to overcome any obstacle.


With that in mind, Hummingbird Circle is both a local and online resource for women to:

  • Attend seminars and workshops on building their person as well as their stories.

  • Connect with other women who wish to do the same.

  • Connect with coaches who will be available for both group and private consultations.

  • Receive feedback on their projects in a positive supportive, "we've got you" and "how can I help?" type of environment.

  • Receive a chance to become a contributor to our blogs, upcoming books and other projects.


We want to help our members make sense of what may be confusing, and take time to reframe painful chapters in our stories into something beautiful and redemptive. To do that we offer not only workshops, but a chance to connect one-on-one with prayer coaches, using the Immanuel Practicum Approach. For more info on the Immanuel Approach, visit


To learn more about HC, how it came to be, the significance of the hummingbird, etc., press the Blog button above.


If you are interested in joining our online community or in bringing Hummingbird Circle to your town for some workshops or seminars, remember to click the Hello button above!

We'd love to meet you!

Team Members

Story Guild 1211.jpeg

Some of our Isha book contributors - Front Left to Right: Becky Thomas, Lynn Appelt, Krista Kruse Pederson. Back L to R: Gbemi Bolarinwa, Charity Anna Allen, Miah Pederson.

Becky in tree_edited.jpg

Becky Thomas, Founder,

Immanuel Practicum Coach,

Story Coach, Author

Wanna-be Hip Hop Dancer

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 7.42.17 PM.png

Jean Dunbar, RN,

Immanuel Practicum Coach,

Prayer Warrior &

Inspirational Speaker


Kerry Cook,

Former Mayor of

Williams Lake, 

HC Podcaster and

Prayer Coach

, First Facilitator of

Orange Shirt Day

Lecia Goerke, website developer 

and worship leader/songwriter,

mother of many!

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