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Isha...She Will Be Called, is the first book, released on November 12, 2021, by the Hummingbird Circle! An eclectic mix of storytelling, poetry, prose, full colour illustrations, expository teaching and a workbook, it celebrates the value of women, answering these questions:

Why was Isha (Hebrew word for woman) made?

What, if anything, went wrong?

Can Isha be restored?

How does her story intersect with mine? 


Not a resurrection of old stereotypes, Isha...She Will Be Called is a shout out to women and great gift to give for ladies in your life.


Recommended for women ages 13 and up. It comes beautifully packaged, with a personal message from the main author, Becky Thomas.  Other contributors may be included if requested.

Isha, She Will Be Called

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This beautiful first edition is meant to be displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf. No less than  twenty-three original full page illustrations grace its 172 pages, with numerous photographs and smaller drawings also included. Celebrating the beauty, strength and dignity of women, it is meant to be read, studied, mulled over, discussed in study groups and given to the ladies who mean the most to you. Sixteen illustrators and writers teamed up to fill this labour of love with stories, poetry and art, leaving wide margins and empty pages to write in. A worksheet and special instructions are included to help the women in your life form their own  "I AM" poem.  Isha: She Will Be Called is a sure way to communicate the value and appreciation you have for the special women in your life, to be cherished for a lifetime. For ages thirteen to one hundred.

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