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Where It All Began

Have you ever wished you could ask your Grandmother or Great Aunt about how she did life in her day? Perhaps she survived the Spanish Influenza, or one of the World Wars? Did she make it through the Great Depression? If so, how did she feed all the hungry mouths at home? Perhaps you wish she could share that famous family recipe that is now lost to oblivion? What about her faith; what got her through the hard times and how did she overcome the setbacks and challenges of her generation, family or nation?

Hummingbird Circle came after an encounter with Jesus. I had a vision of him reaching into his sleeve and pulling out a fistful of hummingbirds. As he released them, he gave me a wink and said, "the grandchildren will one day find faith stories in the pages of their grandmother's journals." The Scripture from Psalm 68:11 began to play over and over in my mind, "great is the company of women who publish the good news." At that point I knew that I had been given a new ministry assignment - to help other women build a heritage for future generations. This heritage was not based on wealth, status or fame, but on relationship; with God, themselves, family, friends and world. The Lord was adamant that although many of these women were small in their own eyes, they possessed great faith, a faith that would be needed by their grandkids and the greats (grandkids) to come! In a new way I been to appreciate how God sees not only us, but those behind and in front of us. I also understood that he wanted us to build testimonies in us even as we crafted our testimonies, be it through creative writing, music, art, and yes, even a book! Revelation says, "they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony." This process of recording our testimony was like a gift to overcome and keep overcoming.

As I processed this vision with my girlfriends, we began to meet together around a writing project. Originally starting in a church basement in Saskatoon, our little group eventually became known as the Hummingbird Circle and expanded to other provinces online as we completed our first book, Isha, She Will Be Called, an eclectic collections of theology, poetry, short story and illusion from women across Canada. Hummingbird Circle became not only a local, but an online resource for women to:

  • Attend seminars and workshops on building their persons as well as their stories.

  • Connect with other women who wish to do the same.

  • Connect with coaches who will be available for both group and private consultations.

  • Receive feedback on their projects in a positive supportive, "we've got you" and "how can I help?" type of environment.

  • Receive a chance to become a contributor to our blogs, upcoming books and other projects.

While there are many resources available for people wishing to become authors of books, HC is a little different; we want to be here for anyone who would like input into leaving the gift of the experiences and the knowledge they have gleaned through the great journey of life. Though often these experiences are recorded through writing, in this modern age we have many other tools at our fingertips including art, dance, photography and other creative means.We want to help you discover your own unique way of recording memories!

In addition, we want to help our members make sense of what may be confusing parts of their lives, and making time for women to reframe some of the painful portions into something beautiful and redemptive. To do that we offer not only workshops, but a chance to connect one-on-one with prayer coaches, using the Immanuel Practicum Approach. For more info on the Immanuel Approach, click this button:

Not just for grandmas, our members have included women ages thirteen and yes, on up into their seventies. Some are writers, some artists, musicians, or athletes. We hail from many different countries and continents, and our online groups are even more diverse. Wherever are members come from, we believe that their experiences are like gemstones, treasures to be mined, polished and shared with those who will rightly value them.

If you are interested in joining our online community or in bringing Hummingbird Circle to your town for some workshops or seminars, remember to click the Say Hello button above! We'd love to meet you!

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Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Mar 01, 2022

Such hope & encouragement impacting a life & so many more to come. “Because “you matter “ lives are being transformed. Love this Becky 💕💕


Valerie Taylor
Valerie Taylor
Dec 02, 2021

So excited!!Looking forward to the increase the Lord has for this group in the days to come!

~ Valerie~

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