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What Is A Hummingbird Circle?

There are many lessons to be learned from the hummingbird. These creatures may be tiny, but they are fierce, independent, adaptable, flexible, tenacious, unintimidated warriors. Often solitary, much like their human counterparts, they will come together to feed, and post a watchman to guard the source. The female hummingbird functions as a single mother, laying the eggs and raising her babies almost single-handedly. Not romantic by any stretch, they inspire with their beauty and grace.

When Jesus first began to talk to me about helping women find their stories, He used the hummingbird to represent women who were small in their own eyes and hidden from the world. It was not that they did not possess greatness, it was that their greatness wasn’t recognized. I sensed that some were actually eagles who had gone MIA because of unexpected difficulty.

Small to us is not necessarily small to God. When Jesus pulled these hummingbirds out of his sleeve, with a wink He said, “These women are part of a strategic, covert plan to bless the earth. Their small stature makes them agile and able to go into places the eagles can’t.” I somehow knew if we could mobilize these women, their influence would be felt for generations to come, even if only focused on their own families. They would pollinate the faith of future generations.

And so the vision was birthed; through the process of recording stories, and walking alongside each other we sought to help each other birth the preferred legacies we wanted to leave family and friends. Hummingbird circle would become a place where women could be surrounded and coached as the expectant mother is surrounded by her coach and midwives. We were to let each other know that God had not forgotten and would bring His plans for our lives to fruition. Some of our older ladies who may have lost traction would yet give birth as the life of the Spirit never goes dormant for long!

The circle is a place where women can come for encouragement, mentorship and prayer. We can do this together, with every voice heard, in covenant with Jesus and one another.

Some may walk with us only for a short time, long enough to find their voice or complete a webinar. Others may join us for a longer season as they seek an expression for their stories, or search for threads of redemptions through some complicated issues. A few may want coaching or editing for a project they've already got on the go. You are most welcome to journey with us, be it short or long!

If you feel small or isolated, you are one for whom this circle has been created!

To learn the lessons of a hummingbird, you may need to leave a few things behind, things that often beleaguer those who seem small in their own eyes. Some of these things include:

Self pity Depression Fear Anxiety Hopelessness Apathy Laziness

Once you shed those feathers, you won’t miss them - I promise!

Our Mentoring Circles are here to help you grow a whole new set of feathers. Usually lasting for 6 to 12 sessions, they will help you form new habits, new ways of thinking - habits and thinking crucial to obtaining breakthrough and leaving a good story! Some of the feathers the sessions may grow are:

Courage Bravery Fierceness Faith Adaptability Joy Hope Peace

Perseverance Love Patience New Skills

As you begin to grow the beautiful, colourful feathers that make these birds such a wonder to behold (the Spanish called them “Joyas Voladoras” - flying jewels!), you will find strength to continue developing your breakthrough story - the story that will not only transform your life, but the lives of its hearers and readers!

Think carefully - will you take a seat at this table?

It’s a commitment to finding your best story,

living your best life,

and leaving the best legacy

because you matter!

All our love, all our relations,

Becky for HC Team

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