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Because You Matter

You shouldn’t be left alone,

Discarded, in the cold;

Because you matter.


Should your voice rise to thunder

Silence will fall in wonder;

Because you matter.


The labours your hands tend

Will reap big dividends;

Because you matter.


The crops within your fields

In time, present their yields;

Because you matter.


Your tread will leave deep imprints

For future feet to sprint;

Because you matter.


Your stories deserve good endings,

Golden threads and silver linings;

Because you matter.


Your life is worth living,

Your legacy, recording;

Because you matter.

~ Becky Thomas ~

We are women of faith devoted to helping one another discover the intrinsic value of each voice and story, and the golden threads that make it so. With a focus on writing, we also welcome music, art and movement. We love to host story circles, personal prayer circles, Immanuel Practicum Coaching, workshops and retreats as a means of building legacies to be passed down for generations. These legacies are based on the redemptive events in both our lives and our imaginations.


We are excited to announce our first seminar in Williams Lake, BC at our new Hummingbird Centre on January 21 & 22, from 9 am to 4 pm. Immanuel Practicum Beginner's Seminar is a must take for anyone needing a little extra push in finding those silver linings and golden threads in their story. Not a counselling session, Immanuel is a prayer journey that gets you face to face with your Creator, the process built on the premise that "Immanuel" means "God with us." Go to the Events page to get more info and reserve your spot!  

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